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1. City walls

2. Dar Jellouli

3. The kasbah

4. The medina

5. Invisible great mosque

6. Colonial town


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The kasbah
Sfax, Tunisia

Sfax, Tunisia

Sfax, Tunisia

Some parts of the the Kasbah dates back to the 12th century, but most of its was built in the 17th century. At times it served as the governor's residence, today it has become a museum of traditional arts.
The Kasbah is open for visitors (1.1TD plus 1TD for camera permit), but there are few intriguing details inside. Not that this should be surprising, the model for such fortresses is quite simple. A few dark rooms and dungeons may still be of interest to many.
At least you will have great views from atop the ramparts.

By Tore Kjeilen