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1. City walls

2. Dar Jellouli

3. The kasbah

4. The medina

5. Invisible great mosque

6. Colonial town


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The medina
Sfax, Tunisia

Sfax, Tunisia

The medina has only got 6 entrances, each one different from the other. Bab Diwan (top photo) is the nicest of all the entrances, with 3 gates. The left gate is the oldest surviving and complete part of the walls, dating back to 1306. The Bab Chergui (second photo) is by far the most modest.
The suuq of Sfax will appear less appealing and inviting than many of the tourist suuqs other places in Tunisia. There is practically nothing here aiming at attracting tourists.
Which is the good thing about it all. The Sfax medina is the real thing, and even modern times people live here, work here and come here to shop products that they actually intend to put into use.
The suuq even got special quarters for old trades like locally-made jewellery and iron products.
Even better, the place is really friendly. Sfaxians are said to feel above the needs of alluring foreign visitors, but that doesn't mean that they are unfriendly. On the contrary, Sfax medina is a place where people show genuine hospitality to its guests.
Not just that. The medina is of such a nice quality that it has been used as a location for international movies, like The English Patient.
Sfax, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen