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1. City walls

2. Dar Jellouli

3. The kasbah

4. The medina

5. Invisible great mosque

6. Colonial town


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Hotels and alternatives
While there are many hotels of all classes in Sfax, many of these have different drawbacks. Some of the cheaper ones are seedy and not recommended at all. Some of the better ones, are overpriced and without good service.
Among the cheap ones, we recommend Magreb and Medina. Among the medium priced we recommend Les Oliviers.

Restaurants and alternatives
OK, so you might face some problems getting enough hotel quality for your money. Restaurants are however, of great value in Sfax, and might be a reason for extending your stay for a day or two more.
Sea food is the obvious choice, and you should not pass the fancy looking places without checking the prices. You might be positively surprised.

Not much! In the better hotels there are bars, but not too much of discos.

Change Money
No problems. Banks, ATMs and exchange service in the receptions in the better hotels. Many shopkeepers will accept to be paid by VISA or MasterCard, provided that you buy above 10-15 dinars.

Good connections in any direction. Sfax is the place to depart from, if you're heading out to the Kerkennah Islands. There is a car ferry from the harbour leaving 3-4 times a day.
Train is a good option if you're going to Gabes in the south or El Jem, Sousse or Tunis in the north. The train station is located at the northern end of town centre.
Taking the bus or shared taxi out of Sfax, can be confusing. There are numerous mini-stations for both. Your best way of approaching it, is simply to ask. There will always be someone around happy to point you in the right direction.

By Tore Kjeilen