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1. Sidi Fredj

2. Borj el-Hissar

3. Remla, the "capital"

4. El-Attaia

5. Sweet ferry ride


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Tourism at a slow speed
Sidi Fredj, Kerkennah Islands, Tunisia

Sidi Fredj, Kerkennah Islands, Tunisia

For tourists coming to the Kerkennahs, Sidi Fredj is really the only place to be. It is here that the good hotels lie, the restaurants, where you will find activities on the beach or by the sea, and sometimes even entertainment at nights. Still, note that the local beaches here are not up to charter tourism standards, unless you head 3 to 5 km further north.
There should not be any problems with activities here during a stay of a couple of days. Fishing trips are easily arranged, and not as inexpensive as you might expect. You will pay about US$20 or 25 for half a day, everything included.
Sidi Fredj is truly only an alternative for travellers seeking comfort in a truly relaxed atmosphere. For anyone wishing for some speed, it is a bad place to go.

By Tore Kjeilen