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Hotels and alternatives
There are presently no hotels out along the route east of Tataouine. Hence, the only sensible thing to do is to head back to Tataouine for the night.

Restaurants and alternatives
There are no restaurants either. But at least in Ksar Ouled Soltane, there is a basic café as well as a small food store. Ksar Ezzahra and Beni Blel has only food stores, while Gettoufa has a café.
Beni Barka is uninhabited, but the village down the valley has some food stores.

Change Money
Do this in Tataouine first, but note that your chances of emptying your wallet are limited after you have paid for the transportation.

Through this circuit, you're only advised to rent your own means of transportation, like a taxi in Tataouine. This circuit alone is too short to justify the rental of a car in an agency.

Beni Barka | Beni Blel | Gettoufa and Jelidat | Ksar Ezzahra | Ksar Ouled Soltane

By Tore Kjeilen