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1. Baths with 10 metre walls

2. The incredible theatre

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The greatest setting

Arykanda, Turkey

Arykanda, Turkey

The Agora.

Arykanda, Turkey

Overlooking the baths.

The site of Arykanda, a ruined city that climbs a rather challenging mountain side, dates back at least to the 5th century BCE. Its name, which is the original, tells about its origins, being Lycian.
The setting of Arykanda is as much an attraction as the ruinous structures themselves.
In its time, the inhabitants here were said to be unusually lazy and prone to immorality. It may be a direct result of that, that they did not fight back when attacked by Antiochus 3 in 197 BCE. The opposite attitudes would emerge when the inhabitants became Christian in the 3rd century.
Arykanda would survive as an urban centre until the 11th century.

There are forms of hotels or restaurants near Arykanda. The nearest serious location for such is Finike, 32 km south.
Arykanda is hard to reach by public transport, located along a stretch of little travelled road. As late as 2006, the turnoff to Arykanda was not signposted. There is a steep climb up.
Entrance fee is 10 lira each. Since the caretaker may away, and there are no fences, many may feel tempted to visit Arykanda for free.

By Tore Kjeilen