Antalya, Turkey

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1. Kaunos

2. Hot spring and mud baths

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Dalyan, Turkey

Dalyan, Turkey

Kaunos was city of ancient Caria in the 1st millennium BCE. Caria, the neigbouring kingdom of Lycia, shared many cultural elements with its neighbour. The fine rock tombs, easy to admire from Dalyan centre, are direct copies of Lycian styles.
In ancient times, the lower part of the Dalyan river and the Iztuzu beach were not there, Kaunos was a harbour directly on the Mediterranean Sea. Malaria was a great problem here then, and locals of Kaunos were famous for yellowish skin and eyes.
The theatre is well-preserved as well as parts of an acropolis.
Getting here is usually done by boat, these often stop at Kaunos on their way to Iztuzu beach.

By Tore Kjeilen